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Developing a Well-Rounded Training Program

Developing a Well-Rounded Training Program

Developing a training program – or creating a set of training materials for customers using technology -based applications is vital to customer retention. No smart business leader wants to lose customers simply because customers didn’t fully understand the product or service being offered.

Determining how to begin with training program development can be daunting, as there are multiple moving components. In the era of online learning it can be easy to assume that everyone has the skills or desire to use technology for learning. However, it is important to recognize that every client learns differently. While one person may prefer to review training videos alone, another may thrive in a large group setting. To accommodate these varied learning styles, it is important to provide a diverse set of training materials.

Below is a list of different types of training and how they can accommodate different customers.

Group Webinars

Using technology to provide a presentation or demonstration to a large group via webinar is a cost-effective method for training multiple clients at once. Depending on the webinar service your organization uses, many times customers even have the opportunity to use a chat pod to ask questions, monitor other attendees’ questions and observe a step-by-step tutorial.

One-on-One Webinars

While some may thrive in a group webinar setting, others prefer an individualized approach. Keep in mind that webinar technology does not always have to be used for formal webinars; you can use your webinar platform to provide individual training opportunities to your clients. Skip the formal presentation and cut to the chase by performing a step-by-step demonstration of the concepts the individual client is currently struggling with.

In-Person Training

Some people just find it frustrating to talk over a conference line or use a chat-pod to communicate with a host. For those who struggle with online learning, in-person trainings may be a better solution. One-on-one training with another person allows the individual to learn step-by-step instructions with the flexibility of ongoing interaction with a host to ensure the individual’s understanding of various concepts. In-person trainings also allow customers the opportunity to interact with other customers using your product or service, which can result in positive buzz for your brand.

Step-By- Step Training Videos

Over the last several years training has evolved to accommodate the “read less and watch more” mentality. It is common to search for answers to questions online and select a video tutorial rather than read a list of instructions. Step-by-step training videos let customers learn at their own pace, as it is simple and convenient to pause a video to make sure you understand one step before moving on to the next. Another benefit of video is they can be accessed and viewed at any time.

The downside of video training content is that since there is no opportunity for live interaction with a host, there is no guarantee you can get all your customers questions answered in just one video.

Tip: A solid approach to video training is to work with your team to identify the top issues your customers experience with your product and create a video for each of these scenarios.

Printed Training Guides

When all of the above methods for training fail to meet the needs of a customer, you can always fall back to a printed step-by-step guide. Some customers may find webinars, in-person trainings and videos to be overwhelming, preferring to learn alone. A printed step-by-step guide using a combination of visuals and instructions may be just what this customer needs to fully comprehend the concepts they need to understand to utilize your product or service.
As you can see, training is not a one size fits all approach; it is important to truly understand your customer base and their needs before beginning to develop a program. A successful training program will not only make your customers’ lives easier, but also reduce your company’s need for continuous customer support.

Are you struggling to find the right balance of training activities to help your clients better understand your products or services? The marketing team at Enterprise Iowa can help you customize a comprehensive training program that will be the right fit for your customers. Contact us today to learn more.