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Have you ever stopped to think about blogging for your business? Or maybe you’ve noticed a local competitor has a blog and you’ve wondered why. Regular blogging comes with big benefits for businesses, including search engine optimization, informing customers and stakeholders, walking clients through a step-by-step-process, etc.

The marketing team at Enterprise Iowa has experience in writing for a variety of industries, but our approach goes far beyond simply researching and writing what we learn. Instead, our team creates custom blog strategies for all our clients using the 5W’s and the H – Who, Why, Where, When, What and How (not necessarily in that order). Answering these simple but key questions for each client allows us to drill down into a specific strategy that will encourage individualized growth.

The Who

Implementing a blog strategy begins with identifying your target audience(s). In some cases, audiences will be segmented based on demographics (location, age, gender identity, hobbies, income, etc.), while other will be segmented based on their role with the organization (stakeholder, customer, board member, investor, staff, etc.). For most companies, blogs will target more than one key audience. 

The Why

After identifying the audiences to be reached with the blog, it is time to think about what to say to each group. For each target audience, there’s a reason why your business wants to reach that group. Again, there will likely be more than one reason to reach each audience, so it is important to clearly identify any and all reasons for outreach before diving into blog strategy. For example, maybe you want to reach a set of stakeholders to inform them of legislative updates that will affect your business model. Alternatively, maybe you want to educate customers regularly about best practices when using your product. Whatever the reason, it must be identified before you can ever determine what to write or how to write it. 

The Where

The obvious place to host a blog is on your company’s website. Having said that, there are a number of other “wheres” when it comes to blogging. From writing guest blogs on partner websites to publishing content on LinkedIn, part of your customized blog strategy would include opportunities that would encourage a wider distribution for your content. The truth is, quality content is only as good as its distribution breadth. 

The When

Determining when to publish blog content depends on a variety of factors:

  • How many target audiences are you trying to reach ?
  • In what period of time would you like to reach each audience? (Think publishing cycles)
  • What is your organization’s capacity for producing content?
  • Will you ever have on-the-fly content to post?

The answers to these questions will inform your writing and publishing schedule. For example, if your goal is to produce regular best practice articles for your customers and publish legislative updates as needed, you might decide to publish one new blog on the first and third Monday of each month, knowing that supplemental content will occur as there are legislative updates. Alternatively, you might also consider the size of your team and its capabilities before implementing a schedule too taxing for your staff. 

The How

Similar to determining “the when,” “the how” will depend on a variety of factors. Ultimately, both strategic components boil down to one important question: What manpower do we have to get this done?

Larger companies with strong marketing teams will likely have the manpower to produce a weekly blog. However, smaller operations may struggle to balance time and efforts trying to achieve a weekly goal. That’s where an outside team can be helpful to fill in gaps. Hiring a skilled blogging team can help supplement your blog strategy by adding in the brainpower and writing power your company needs. 

Contact Us for a Team Approach to Blog Strategy

Incorporating a thoughtful and informative blog to your company’s marketing plan can be hugely beneficial, but it can also be a huge undertaking for your team. That’s why Enterprise Iowa offers a team approach to business blogging. 

Our marketing team will sit down with your team to determine answers to the who, what, why, where, when and how as it applies to your organizational goals. After, we’ll dedicate time into devising a clear plan: audience, topics, brand, schedule, responsibilities. The Enterprise Iowa approach  is ultimately the most effective strategy for companies just beginning to incorporating blogging into their marketing routines. 

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level with a business blogging strategy, reach out to our team by phone at (515) 309-0140 or by email at