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Email Newsletters

One of the most important strategies in marketing is to stay in front of your customers regularly. A branded email newsletter helps reinforce your brand, communicate with customers about your products and services, and build stronger relationships with your current customers.


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What We Can Do For You

Our marketing and communications team is highly experienced in digital newsletter creation and distribution. From bulk mail services to frequency of distribution, we analyze our client’s needs thoroughly before making any recommendations. Our goal is to help implement online marketing campaigns that deliver results, focusing on your target audience and keeping your customers happy and informed.

We offer a three-pronged process to getting clients ready for a successful email newsletter plan.

1. Create a Unique Email Experience

Fitting all of the pieces together for an effective email newsletter strategy takes a combination of instinct and experience. Our team has both. The first step to devising a custom digital newsletter plan for your business is to meet and discuss the unique email experience you’d like your audience to have.

At Enterprise Iowa, we look at all the moving parts required for a newsletter design and distribution strategy before putting together a plan to move forward. 

2. Choosing the Best Bulk Service

In order to build stronger business relationships with your clients, you need to know how you want to address them. There are plenty of email marketing services out there, and we want to be sure that you understand all your sending options before you break into your budget.

Based on the email experience you want your customers to have, we’ll analyze what each bulk service has to offer and provide you with our recommendation. 

3. Creating Compelling Copy

Email newsletters should provide readers with information they likely wouldn’t think to search for on their own, encouraging users to engage with content. Expert copy can convey your message in a way that persuades audiences to click a link or participate in a survey.

Our marketing and communications team is experienced with writing creative, technical and political language. From attractive subject lines to well-written content, no matter who your audience might be, we tailor our messaging strategy to suit any situation.

Contact Us for an Email Newsletter Consultation

Stay in front of your clients with a custom email newsletter strategy that gets straight to the point and resonates with your audience. Our marketing team provides branded email templates that you and your team can easily edit and helps build your list of prospects for targeting

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level with customized email newsletter plan, reach out to our team by phone at (515) 309-0140 or by email at We’d enjoy the opportunity to discuss how digital newsletters can help you reach your marketing and communications goals.